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Vision and mission

  • To make a national fortune exploiting the hidden treasures of Sudan
  • To host and assist individuals and companies to perform mining
  • To incubate and channel research that has impact on mining

The Multimedia City’s main goal is to initiate the incorporation of science and business in testing, incubating and marketing of the innovation projects.

A technology incubator main goal is to produce successful technology firms that will leave the program financially viable and freestanding.

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Biofuels are the energy derived from living organisms, whether plant or animal, including, one of the most important renewable energy source, unlike

The use of cloud computing technologies, which allow dealing with virtual servers to provide a number of services require the establishment of sub-data center applications:

Is the completion and operation of the rational and payment gateway test.

Extrapolate weather system - Phase II 

It has been running change the weather and the work program of the data and numerical predictions of climate change for the fall 2015

The project is working on the creation of a broad data include various statistical data to assist in the operation of the data on

AL-butana area is one of the huge natural livestock pastures. and water scarcity has caused the deterioration of this area, which requires a solution. The importance of this study is to provide

Due to water shortage in red sea state, the hydro Atlas project has been proposed which reflects our national duty role. the project includes (gravity, seismic,

A smart cooperation between Africa City of Technology represented in geotechnical Center, and Turkey represented in the Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Foundation,

Economic returns, social, or environmental

Assist the work of the roads in order to reduce the cost of projects and rehabilitation and training of engineering team

Economic, social, and environmental returns

Providing opportunities for development of technologies, innovations, and modern building.

In this project, we use a super computing (on of ACT projects) to study the properties of zinc oxide nano material and design model of this material.
Using this process is more effective than synthesis the nano material using chemical approach. The results are accurate and the error ratio is less than chemical results.


In this project, we add a nano particle in pure cotton to improve the product. This project uses the nano -cotton in fabric manufacturing.

To improve and spread the Nano technology in Sudan, ACT with co-operation SAC establish a master and Ph.D program in Nano science and Nano technology include different fields(Science, Engineering , medicine).
The M.Sc. program of Nanotechnology presented by the Council of Applied Science & Technology (CAST) is a comprehensive program that enables students to graduate with M.Sc degree in either Nanomaterials or Nanobiotechnology.

In this project, we synthesize the ZnO nano particles in Nano center using simple chemical approach. The sample used in many applications. There is no toxic effect of this sample, and it is used as additives in manufacturing to improve the properties of materials.

Effect of prebiotic (Arabic gum) on physio-chemical, and organoleptic properties of yogurt (probiotic)

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