Alama Center for Training & Human Development

About Aalama Center

The center specializes in the training and increasing efficiency, knowledge, skills and change the attitudes and modify behavior in accordance with the standards and specifications set by the National Council for Training and Human Development.

Alama Center for Training & Human Development

The center applies the health ,occupational safety measurements with an integrated quality of training environment .As the training process is very important in the progress and development of the public government and private Institutions and individuals. Also designing of modren training programs which address the needs which reflect positively on the different institutions,society and individuals.

Our Vision:

1. To be the most distinguished and featured traning centre.
2. Presenting the latest and most efficient training programmes.
3. To be committed with highest standards in the quality and creativity of training programmes provided.
4. To be take first place in the Sudan and become global.

Our message:

Provide unique training programs which contribute in the positive change and development of the institutions and lives of individuals.

Our Values:

- The credibility, transparency and accuracy of the training programs.
- The continuity in providing highly efficient and effective level in training.
- Continuous updates of the latest and most recent methods and means in training and eligibility.

Our Goals:

- Provide distinguished and high quality training services.
- Rehabilitate and initiate the positive change individuals of the community.
- The development of institutions production skills.
- Improve the performance of the different institutions increase the expertise.
- Provide highly experienced and skilled individuals and introduces them to the labor market.
- To provide highly skilled and reliable individuals whom can contribute in solving issues of the community and stability.

Fields of Training:

- Administrative training.
- Self-development and character building.
- Computer skills and programming languages.
- Accounting.
- Languages.
- Medical Training.
- Engineering.
- Media and Journalism.
- Crafts.
- Entrepreneurship(small industries).
- Laws and Legislation training.
- Mentorship & Counselling of Individuals and Families.

Mohammed Ahmed Fadl Elsid Koko
General Manager

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